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Spa Fogo Policies


Spa Fogo believes that every client to the spa should be treated with full attention and the with the utmost respect. In order to provide the best service possible, Cortnie respectfully asks for all clients cooperation in abiding by the following policies. Failure to do so may result in the stopping of your service and removal from the spa.

Spa Etiquette: A quiet, calm atmosphere is essential to provide you with the best service possible. Please leave children at home. Please silence your cell phone during treatments. Please come prepared for your service, including practicing appropriate hygiene. Due to the working weight limit on the massage and facial beds, Spa Fogo is unable to safely service clients weighing over 325 pounds. Spa Fogo apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause, but at Spa Fogo client's safety comes first.

Boundaries: Many services include removal of clothing. This is in no way an invitation for a client to make any unacceptable comments or advances toward their esthetician. While performing brazilian waxes it will be necessary for Cortnie to move parts out of the way. In some cases, this may cause arousal; know that this is normal and don't be bothered by it- Cortnie is not. Also, do not be gross. Moving your genital parts out of the way in order to wax you in the most safe and efficient way possible is necessary. Touching or moving any body part out of the way for a service is not an invitation. 

Relaxation Experience: Cortnie wishes all clients to feel completely comfortable and relaxed. Please be at ease, Cortnie operates with a high level of professionalism. Don't be shy or embarrassed! Also, please feel free to communicate openly with your esthetician about your service. Cortnie wants to hear honest feedback. Please inform her if you are too cold, too hot, the product being used it very active, etc.

Appointment Scheduling: Everyone has to reschedule or miss an appointment from time to time; this is completely understandable. Please text, email, or call Cortnie as soon as you can for needing to reschedule your appointment. Missing 3 appointments results in your inability to reschedule. Appointments are scheduled most efficiently via texting Cortnie: 419-349-7926

Appointment Timeline: Everyone has been late to an appointment at one time or another. Please try your best to be on time. New clients should arrive a few minutes early in order to fill out necessary client information. If you are a few minutes late, and the service can be performed at full - it will be. If you are late, the service time might be subtracted by the amount of time late. Please be aware that if you are too late for an appointment and a client is booked after you, you will have to reschedule. Cortnie allows 15 minutes to be late, at 15 minutes she will contact you to reschedule. Consistent lateness may result in your inability to reschedule.

Pricing: All prices include tax. All prices are subject to change without notice. Service fees must be paid for in cash, check, or card. Checks are not accepted for new clients. Gratuity is never included on any service, tip as you feel free.

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